Freight Audit and Payment

Get Shipment refunds back by hiring UPS Auditor

The shipment companies like UPS, FedEx and DHL when delivered the parcel at preferred destination, send automatic freight bills to the manufacturers or suppliers. These bills are seeming to be in very big amount which the company owners do not expect.These freight invoices are not 100 percent correct. They contain lots of errors like extra surcharges, incorrect information correct charges and other weird mistakes. If you hire well-experienced UPS auditor from the best company, he can find more than 50 errors in the freight bills.If you provide this responsibility to your staff to detect the shipment invoices and their corrections, then you are going to waste your valuable time and money. The best time and money saving method to reduce your freight bills is to appoint Betachon for Freight audit and payment services at affordable cost. They are US based freight service providers.
They are best UPS auditor in US help you to receive maximum refunds for each shipment. They also provide services for FedEx and DHL. Betachon provide incomparable services like visibility of parcel to the client, shipment rates optimization, saving shipping costs and so on.
The speciality of Betachon is that they do not charge any extra fee like monthly fee, set up fee and upfront cost. One can deny their services any time.If you are thinking of the tracing of parcel, you will get well managed shipment analytical report by Betachon experts. Thus, you do not need to spend number of hours to resolve freight audit and payment. Give this responsibility to Betachon and get more of the refunds. You can spend this saved time to plan your further business growth policies.Apart from these, Betachon do not demand to charge them until you could able to get refunds from late deliveries and other inaccuracies sent by carrier companies.Whether you have a small or large business which pack hundreds of parcels every single day or once in a month, then hire Betachon for UPS Auditor and freight audit and payment services in less time. you can schedule your appointment with Betachon by visiting them at:

Get help from Betachon for UPS Refunds, Freight Audit, And Payment Services

A business has to make many payments every day. It is necessary to verify all the bills and invoices before making payments. Sometimes the amount charged in the bills and invoices may be higher or lower than the actual amount. Betachon Fright Auditing can assist you in finding these mistakes.Sometimes when the shipping companies charge more than the actual amount, Betachon Fright Auditing identifies these kinds of errors and gets you a UPS refund. These kinds of errors may affect the business in the long run.Freight is the amount charged by the carrier company for the transportation of goods from one place to another. Sometimes the freight cost charged by the carrier company may be more than the actual cost, so a freight audit is necessary so that the business need not pay any additional amount to the carrier company. The employees in Betachon Fright Auditing have experience in freight auditing where they audit the invoices thoroughly and if there are any errors in the invoice they communicate it to your business.In a business making payments takes place on daily basis. And the business might not be able to check each and every bill and invoice before making the payment. Betachon Fright Auditing can help the business in accepting and making a wide range of payments.Handling all the business activities by yourself might be a burden. So outsourcing some of the business activities to a company can reduce the burden on business owners. So Betachon Fright Auditing can help you in avoiding fraud by facilitating freight audit and UPS refund and it can also help you in making and accepting payments. You can completely trust Betachon Fright Auditing and outsource these services to them.

Negotiate FedEx and UPS rates with the help of Betachon Fright Auditing

When you have an online business, one of the major tasks is to ship the goods to your customer’s location. While shipping the goods to your customer’s location you should consider a number of factors. If your customers don’t receive their order on time then they will end up either canceling the order or will never purchase anything from your business. So, it is very important that you ship the right goods to the right place at the right time in order to retain your customers. Shipping the goods plays a major role in a product-based business, as the goods should be delivered to the customers without any damage.The best thing a product-based business can do in order to reduce the burden of shipment is to outsource this activity to other companies. However, it is important that you thoroughly know about the company that you are outsourcing the activities to one of the world’s largest transportation companies is FedEx. FedEx is trusted by a number of business owners, so you can outsource the transportation activity to them without any doubt. FedEx will help you to formulate the best plan to move your goods around the globe.As FedEx is the leading logistics company worldwide, they provide you with premium services, so their charges are also a bit high. But don’t you worry here is the Betachon Fright Auditing that can help you to negotiate FedEx and UPS rates. Negotiating is not an easy process. However, Betachon Fright Auditing will give you full assistance in negotiating with FedEx. FedEx provides discounts on the various basis such as volume basis where if you ship a certain number of packages, you will get a discount. Guaranteed discounts are also available where you get the discount no matter how many packages you ship. Betachon Fright Auditing has helped many businesses in negotiating FedEx rates. To know more about them check out their website.